This Facebook photo will make you question eating at Seneca Falls/Waterloo McDonald’s

On Monday evening a local Facebook user, and apparently an employee at the McDonald’s in Seneca Falls, posted a photo of a significant amount of used grease left uncleaned in a corner of the kitchen area of the fast food restaurant.Along with the photo, the user account of Rebecca Tracey posted a description…"ATTENTION!!! Share the hell out of this please!!!! Let everyone know about the Waterloo McDonald’s!!!!I know that the majority of you guys on my Facebook eat at McDonald’s. So I ask you, do you know how disgusting that place is? Well here’s the truth behind that place. I was just looking between the grill and the fridge for the beef patties. I saw a box of gloves on the floor and so I moved the fridge so I could get the box. Well turned out, there was a great big giant puddle of grease on the floor. That’s not all of it. The rest of the grease traveled behind the grills and was caked to the wall and floor. I had someone clean up what we could see because we we’re kind of busy at the time and I couldn’t pull out the grills to clean it. The grease was so thick and it stank like the grease traps. (Which makes me gag because it smells so bad.)"Facebook users who are logged in can check out the original post and several comments here.

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