Seneca Falls Little League week #9 report

Seneca Falls Little League Week #9 report for games played 6/14/2015 through 6/20/2015 as reported by managers of Major and Minor Divisions Baseball and Softball.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6-15-15Time of Game: 6pmScore: 4 ToePrints Vs. 16 BonaDent Dental Lab************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/15/15Time of Game: 6 pmScore: 11 Ciccino’s Pizzeria Vs. 13 Connie’s DinerWinning Team Highlights:Makala Jenson came into the game with a strong performance pitching only allowing three runs. The solo hit was made by Emily Shalk. Other Team Highlights:Kristen Payne pitched a solid three and half innings with ten strick outs and only allowing one hit. Alexandra Oddi pitching saved the game with 5 strike outs and a throw out at third. Alexandra Oddi, Giavanna White Principio and Kristen Payne went 2 for 3 for the winniners. ************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/15/15Time of Game: 6:00pmScore: 20 Finger Lakes Partners Vs. 14 Midey & Mirras Law************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 6-17-15Time of Game: 6:00Score: 9 BonaDent Dental Lab Vs. 3 Seneca MeadowsWinning Team Highlights:William Korzeniewski struck out 8 and helped himself at the plate going 3-3 with 2 RBI’s. Ethan King also went 3-3 at the plate while Nick Virgo scored 2 runs on 2 hits. Christian McKoy and Chris Evans each added 2 hits apiece.Other Team Highlights:Tristan Cormack and Noah Smith each fanned 3 in strong pitching efforts. Blake Petrocci cleared the bases with a stand up triple. DJ Bruni and Adrian Picchi each had a hit for Seneca Meadows.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/17/15Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 7 Generations Agency Vs. 11 The Thirsty OwlWinning Team Highlights:Matthew Kenyon went 4 for 4 with a single, two triples, and a two-run homerun totaling 6 RBIs. Nick Twardeski added a triple and two RBIs, Braeden Cupp had two RBI singles, and Ira Aman contributed a double and an RBI. Zach Kelley, Tyler Lerkins and Kenyan Russ all added hits. Returning to the mound after his injury, Lukas Day pitched 5 1/3 innings earning six strikeouts. Other Team Highlights:Racking up hits and RBIs for Generations were Steven Dunn, Griffin Herron, Christian Torres, and Henry Morse. In his 4 2/3 innings on the mound, Griffin Herron earned five strikeouts, 1 defensive out, and 4 assists. Steven Dunn finished the game earning four strikeouts.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 06/18/2015Time of Game: 6:00 PMScore: 9 Generations Agency Vs. 8 FL Concrete & Masonry************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6-18-15Time of Game: 6pmScore: 11 BonaDent Dental Lab Vs. 1 ToePrints************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/18/20Time of Game: 6:00pmScore: 16 Midey & Mirras Law Vs. 15 Mr. Twistee’s Ice Cream************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/17/15Time of Game: 6:00 PMScore: 9 Isabella Spa Vs. 8 Generations Bank************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/19/15Time of Game: 6:00Score: 6 Mr. Twistee’s Ice Cream Vs. 21 Caratozzolo Electric************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/19/15Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 0 Elks Lodge 992 Vs. 17 The Thirsty OwlWinning Team Highlights:Braeden Cupp pitched a four-inning shutout, allowing only three hits. Offensively, Cupp added a triple, a double, and an RBI. Matthew Kenyon had another four-hit game with a triple, a double, and two singles totaling four RBIs. Ira Aman also went 4/4 with a triple, three base hits, and an RBI. Other hits went to Lucas Hooker (RBI), Nick Twardeski (2RBI), Tyler Lerkins (3RBI), and Kenyan Russ.Other Team Highlights:Heath Brown-Trice hit a double into center field, while Jared Hartwell and Dan Liscum each had a base hit. On the mound, Brown-Trice earned one strikeout and one tag-out at home. Michael Bogart, Finian Dougherty, and Jared Hartwell combined efforts on the mound with Dougherty earning two strikeouts and Hartwell two assists.************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/19/15Time of Game: 6pmScore: 10 Ciccino’s Pizzeria Vs. 19 Connie’s DinerWinning Team Highlights:Kennedy Beniamino pitched a strong three innings with six strike outs. Kristen Payn awarded the win finishing the game with three strikeouts. Morgan Carraballo, Alexandra Oddi each recorded two hits. Giavanna White Principio had a single and a triple. Kennedy Beniamino had a double. Lily Linahan crossed the plate three times for the win.Other Team Highlights:Amelia Rogers, Makayla Jenson and Shelby Lavalette had strong performances from the mound for Ciccinos. Makayla Jenson, Amelia Rogers and Kayle Fenner recorded hits. ************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/20/15Time of Game: 1230Score: 6 Midey & Mirras Law Vs. 20 Connie’s DinerWinning Team Highlights:Connies combined for 20 hits for the win. Alexandra Oddi gets the win. Kristen Payne went 4 for 4 with two doubles. Alexandra Oddi went 2 for 3 with an RBI. Morgan Caraballo, Katy Winters, Jazzmyn Lewis, Giavanna White-Principio and Katlyn Matoon went 3 for 3. Other Team Highlights:Kelly Colburg and Samantha Smith each connected for a hit. ************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 6-19Time of Game: 8:00pmScore: 11 BonaDent Dental Lab Vs. 10 FL Christian FellowshipWinning Team Highlights:Cullen Herron and Carson Kiah each struck out 3 batters. Kiah earned the win. Will Korzeniewski hit a game ending inside the park grand slam in the bottom of the 6th, helping Bonadent finish in first place for the season with a record of 10-2-2.Other Team Highlights:Morgen Major and Mikey Kaufman each had 3 strike outs. Paul Graziano had 3 hits, including a double and 3 RBI’s. Jason Breese, Morgan Buckley and Morgen Major each added 2 hits.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/20/15Time of Game: 8:00 pmScore: 9 The Thirsty Owl Vs. 3 Elks Lodge 992Winning Team Highlights:Matthew Kenyon went 3/3 with a double, two singles, and 2 RBIs. Adding hits were Tyler Lerkins (2RBI), Kenyan Russ (RBI), Lucas Hooker, and Ira Aman. On the mound, Matthew Kenyon earned seven strikeouts, one defensive out, and one assist. Zach Kelley closed without allowing a hit and earning three strikeouts.Other Team Highlights:Dan Liscum went 3/3 with a triple, two singles, and two RBIs. Adding hits were Carter Puylara (RBI), Jared Hartwell, and Finian Dougherty. On the mound, Hartwell earned two strikeouts and one defensive out in 1 2/3 innings. Puylara finished the game with one defensive out and one assist.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/20/15Time of Game: 10:00 amScore: 9 FL Christian Fellowship Vs. 9 Stevers’ Garage************************

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