Landfill and town of Covert promote community safety

The Town of Covert, led by the town board and town supervisor Michael Reynolds, have been working to increase the health and safety of the Town of Covert. Michael Reynolds reached out to Seneca Meadows landfill with assistance in meeting those goals, and what resulted was a 2 year partnership. Year one of that partnership consisted of a grant to assist the town with purchasing reflective address numbers for every home in the town of Covert. The reflective address numbers are recommended to assist first responders and emergency personnel in locating addresses in the case of emergencies. Year two of the partnership with the landfill and the town of covert resulted in the town being able to purchase safety gear for town highway employees and pedestrian signs for the heavily traveled NYS Route 96 that also serves as Main Street for the village of Interlaken. “We are pleased to partner with the landfill to bring additional safety and well being to our community in the town of Covert,” stated supervisor Reynolds.

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