Town of Seneca Falls offers two properties for sale

The Town of Seneca Falls is offering for sale real property located at 26 Oak Street, Seneca Falls, NY; Tax Map ID#14-2-54. The property consists of 1.47 acres and is improved with a garage building containing approximately 11,760 square feet. The property is serviced by municipal water and sewer. The property fronts on both Oak Street and Chestnut Street in Seneca Falls. Also now for sale by the Town is real property located at 10 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, NY; Tax Map ID#12-1-17.2. The property consists of 1.4 acres and is improved with a two story office building containing approximately 9680 square feet and an approximately 40’ x 30’ outbuilding. The property is serviced by municipal water and sewer and fronts on VanCleef Lake in the heart of the Seneca Falls Business District.The Town is seeking proposals that will provide the best long term benefit to the Citizens of Seneca Falls. The Town Board will review each proposal using the following criteria:1. Neighborhood impact.2. Job creation/Economic impact.3. Sustainability.4. Best possible use.5. Purchase price for the real property.Firms interested in being considered shall submit two copies of their qualifications and proposals by no later than 5:00 P.M. on July 31, 2015 to the Town Clerk at 81 West Bayard Street, Seneca Falls, NY 13148. Please contact the Town Clerk for further information. Each submission must contain a brief narrative that clearly outlines the proposed project; demonstrates the firm’s experience in implementing similar projects; demonstrates the firm’s financial ability to complete the project and provides a prospective timeline for completion. The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or any part of a proposal, and to select the proposal deemed to be in the best interest of the Town. Any sale of the property is subject to permissive referendum.

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