Cops bust “open air drug market” in Sterling

After arresting forty-four people on a variety of drug charges at Sterling Stage on Tuesday afternoon, police described the festival as “an open air market for drugs.” Undercover officers reportedly made 46 buys and police say they could have tripled that number. They say drugs were displayed on tables, carried on trays for sale and distribution, and advertised with signs.Police say they recovered $40,000 in cash and tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs.Police released the identities of several of the people they arrested:Stephen E. Jensen, 38, from RochesterDouglas S. Crane, 36, from RochesterDaniel L. Cady, 55, from BuffaloThomas L. McCarthy, 35, from North SyracuseShane S. Rose, 48, from LimaRyan C. McCollumn, 34, from LivoniaMeghesh Pansari, 20, from RochesterNathan D. Ryan, 34, from IthacaNicholas K. Michcilidis, 25, from LucerneTimothy J. Gordon, 58, from HammondDina M. Peck, 42, from KirkvilleDavid L. Liechti, 33, from SodusDaniel W. Yeara, 45, from WolcottPatrick J. Fulton, 29 from Sodus

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