FLL 360: Has Memorial Day become too much work?

Memorial Day celebrations seem to become more and more subdued as the years pass by. Perhaps it is because we as a nation are tired of war. Perhaps it is because of the political tone being set by our current administration – give our enemies the space they need to take out their frustrations by killing some Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Blacks or whoever they might hate – war has never solved anything anyway.Since my wife and I have moved to the Finger Lakes, we have quietly celebrated Memorial Day by going to the Rushville Methodist Church which is just a few miles from our home. They always had the best chicken as it was cooked right there behind the church and the lines for a chicken dinner were long. This year, we saw no advertisements regarding the chicken barbecue that we have been attending for the last ten years or so. We drove to Rushville last Thursday evening to see if there was a sign advertising the barbecue at the church. No sign, only a long line of folks waiting to get free food from the church’s kitchen – another sign of our times.- Read more at FLL360.com

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