Lyons 4-year-old injured in mower accident improving

On Thursday, Amanda Bookmiller, mother of the Lyons 4-year-old critically injured in a lawn mower accident last weekend, surprised her son Braden by coming into his classroom to pick him up to take him to see his brother Jacob in the hospital. She also took the time to talk with Braden’s classmates and explained how Jake was doing and answered their questions.Bookmiller shared some great news that Jake’s breathing tube was taken out today ahead of schedule. Even better, he is wide awake, talking and answering questions.Jake’s status has improved and the threat of infection has decreased. He is healing and seems to have overcome the first major hurdles on the road to recovery. He has his next surgery on Saturday, a plastic surgery operation. The major internal surgeries are done for now. He still has a long, long road to go, but today was a day of happy tears and thanks for the Bookmiller family and the Lyons community.Donations are being accepted to help with medical expenses for the Bookmillers at GoFundMe.com. Over $28,000 has been raised so far by 479 donors in just three days.Click here to donate.Amanda and Mark Bookmiller posted an update on Thursday morning at the GoFundMe.com site:”First of all, Mark Bookmiller and I would just like to let everyone know that we have read and listened to every text, message, post, and voicemail that you have sent us. We are so appreciative for all of the love, support, and prayers that you have been sending to our family…. especially Jacob. It truly means more to us than words could ever describe.”

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