Geneva announces Parklet Competition winners

The City of Geneva announced the winners of the Parklet Competition on Friday, May 1st at the Spring Edition of Geneva Night Out.Not only will residents and tourists be able to enjoy a mini-park that takes up a couple of parking spaces in front of City Hall, they may also enjoy the same luxury in front of Joe’s Hots on Exchange Street and Lake Drum Brewing on East Castle Street from their construction until Labor Day.“The parklets are a great initiative that shows cooperation between several organizations for the good of the City. I think.” said Amanda Airth, executive assistant and events coordinator the Geneva BID. “I think it’s a great way to bring people together in a social, relaxed atmosphere, and I hope that feeling will be contagious and well received.”The parklets were an initiative that involved the Geneva BID, Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce, HWS Students from Gabriella D’Angelo’s Architectural Students Department of Art and Architecture, and supported by the City of Geneva. The structures create a people-centered area that are welcoming, and add a little more green space to the downtown area. The winner design for Joe’s Hots was created by HWS students Nicholas Baca and Scott Heffner. The parklet proposal creates a seating space that is open and accessible to all. The three-step structure in the center and an angled surface gives the area a skateboarding feel without being an actual skate park. The space also includes planters, and the surface will be used as a canvas for a selected local artist to exhibit their creativity.The winning parklet for Lake Drum Brewing was designed by students Aaron Magier and Emily Wertkin. It is designed to create a space where one can enjoy the beautiful view of Seneca Lake and enjoy a cold beverage with friends. The structure includes wooden posts at the corners, and steel cable at 5-inch intervals to create a fence. Metal blanks or other interesting scrap metal can be attached to this fencing system. On the lake side wall, the design creates framed view of the lake. Beneath the frame is a planter that will house hop vines or other plants. A chalkboard creates a place to play charades or get creative with chalk. Along with the bar, there is seating for about five small tables. The table tops can have chess or checker boards carved or burned into them.The competition yielded four designs, of which the winning two were chosen. The parklet in front of City Hall was constructed by the city’s Department of Public Works, and will serve as a place for live entertainment during the noon hour between May 11-15th.

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