Youths riot at Hillside Center in Romulus

On Saturday just after 9 pm, Seneca County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the Hillside Children’s Center in Romulus for the report of multiple youths from the facility rioting and attacking staff members.Upon arrival it was discovered that several youths attempted to break into another unit on the campus. While staff was attempting to de-escilate the situation, staff members began to get attacked by the youths. One staff member was struck in the back of the head by a coffee cup, causing injury to his head. This juvenile then picked up a shard from the broken cup and began to threaten and attack staff with the piece of sharp glass. Two staff members sustained minor injuries from this attack with the glass.This 15-year-old youth, whose name is not being released due to age, was charged with two counts of menacing in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor and with have to appear in probation on a later date.Another youth at the campus, 17-year-old Edwin I. Irizarry, was later charged with riot in the second degree, also a class A misdemeanor. It is alledged that Irizarry, along with 4-5 other youths, with Irizarry being the ring leader, behaved in a violent manner that created a grave risk of danger for those involved in the incident.Irizarry was arraigned in the Town of Varick Court and remanded to the custody of the Sheriff in lieu of $5,000cash bail $10,000 Bond. He is to re-appear in court on the 29th at 7pm for further court action.Sheriff’s Deputies were assisted on scene by the New York State Police, South Seneca Ambulance and the Varick Fire Dept.

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