New book by local author James Bupp now on Kindle

Just recently my book, “Slaves of Our gods” was published as a paperback book on Amazon.com on March 25, 2014. Now as promised, this book is now available in e-form from Kindle Direct Publishing (click here). I published my first book, “The Last of the Family Farms” in 2008. Two years later I learned from Amazon.com (the world’s largest book retailer) that the number of books that they sell each year in digital form had just surpassed the number of books that they sell in paper form.- Click here to see the book on Amazon.com.”Slaves of Our gods” is about change. Just imagine the e-form of my book was made available yesterday not only just in the United States but all over the world with just a click of my mouse button. And this is precisely the change that I talk about in my new book – change that has been brought about because of technological advances. My son Michael is now reading books because he bought a Kindle on e-Bay. He told me that previously he never sat down to just to read a book for pleasure. But now he can take his Kindle with him when he travels or to work, and read for a few minutes when he finds a spare moment. On the other hand, there are many folks who don’t use a computer, don’t order things over the internet or on their smart phone, and don’t want to ever learn how to do these things.My book is about change. It’s about the technological advances that have taken me from the time that I grew up in a rural society to today’s way of life that moves so fast we don’t even have the time to think about it anymore. My book is not about the black slavery that precipitated the Civil War here in the United States. But it is about slavery to things (like the internet, to iPhone, to X-boxes, etc.) and to people that we worship because they can play golf, dunk a basketball, or sing better than we can. It’s a self- induced kind of slavery that knows no age, no race, or religious limits, but it takes away our chance to think, to discover, and do things on our own. After all, isn’t that what makes us humans different from the animals or plants that live on this earth?In the past, a wealthy person’s home would have a library where all of the classical books were kept for private reading by the owner or his family members. In the era that I grew up in, there was a family bible and perhaps an encyclopedia set in the home to help the children with their school papers. The mark of today’s home is a shortage of electrical outlets which are being used to charge the family members’ smart phones. Do you now believe that our world has changed?

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