FL1 Radio launches on FingerLakes1.com

In 2014, over 500,000 people tuned into the live, local programming on the FingerLakes1.TV Internet Broadcasting Network. Local podcasts, live events, and high school athletics coverage highlight the over 10 hours of live content that is broadcast weekly on FingerLakes1.TV. Now, FingerLakes1.com is making this content available, along with all live programming, via a 24/7 live audio stream under the designation of “FL1 Internet Radio“.This audio stream will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at FingerLakes1.com or via a new ‘FL1 Radio’ tab on the free FingerLakes1.com Android and iPhone app. Content currently includes all of FingerLakes1.com’s most recent podcasts along with all live programming when it is live. Also, classic podcast episodes and recent FL1 Sports live broadcast archives will be featured in the rotation on FL1 Radio. In the upcoming weeks FL1 Radio will expand to feature regular weather reports, local news updates, local musical artist featured playlists and more.By offing this audio only stream of our FingerLakes1.TV content, FingerLakes1.com is enabling smartphone users a method to listen in, to both live and pre-recorded content, via a lighter audio only stream which will conserve data on user’s wireless plans. The audio only feed is negligible in terms of data rate which means users can now listen in their cars, on a boat in the middle of the lake, or just about any remote location. Office workers can listen in all day long without slowing down the network and you can listen live at home, even if other family members are streaming HD movies or downloading music. FL1 Radio also offers a lean-back experience as you can tune in at any time and jump into the content in progress and transition to the next featured content piece without clicking on anything. Let it play in the background, in the car, while you work out, while falling asleep at night, or getting ready to start your day.How To Listen– Download the free FingerLakes1.com App at the Google Play or iTunes stores for Android or iPhone.- Click on FL1 Radio at FingerLakes1.com or browse to: www.fingerlakes1.com/radio/– Visit FingerLakes1.com on Mixlr.com or download the free Mixlr app.

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