Chance for another FLX snowstorm Sunday

A weak storm system will cross over western and central New York late Sunday. A swath of snow will accompany this system, stretching from western Texas, through the Corn Belt and into New England.Most areas along the path of this system are only looking at a few inches of snow, as the storm will be quick moving and not terribly impressive. While some areas may see more than 6 inches, the best chance for this will be across western Pennsylvania, where the atmosphere gets some extra rising motion out of air flowing up and over the Appalachian Mountains.This actually could have the opposite impact across parts of our region. The extra lift downstream may act to squeeze moisture out of the atmosphere that would otherwise fall over our area. It is a subtle nuance of this system that may or may not play out, depending on the path of the low.With weaker systems like this, it is the small details that really play out in who ends up getting what snow. Nailing down those fine details this far out leads to inherent uncertainties, which is why this map shows a simple over/under 6″.For the Finger Lakes, this snow is mostly arrive late Sunday afternoon, with the bulk of the precipitation falling Sunday night. By Monday morning, there should just be some snow showers lingering behind.There will not be a huge shot of cold air behind this system, either, with highs well into the 20s on Monday and remaining in the 20s for Tuesday.For the latest local forecast and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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