Mynderse students return from Costa Rica trip

High School students from Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls made a trip over mid-winter break (2/12 – 2/18/2015) to Costa Rica. They went to perform community service and to experience what they have been learning in their language arts classes. Here’s an overview, from Dennis Scannell, of what they performed for community service and a pair of photos of the students abroad…Thirty-four Mynderse Academy students and four teachers spent a day at Escuela Lagos Del Goyol on their recent trip to Costa Rica. The students and teachers participated in a day of community service at the elementary school. Mynderse Academy students designed and painted a mural on a wall of the school building. The brightly colored “Garden of Knowledge” mural depicted alphabet letters on flower petals and counting numbers on the fruit growing on the tree. An “hola Mynderse Academy 2015” was included on the mural. Students also prepared part of the school grounds into a sustainable garden. Students prepared the ground, developed a watering system with string and used soda bottles, and planted vegetable seeds. The vegetables will be used for school lunches. Mynderse Academy students also cleaned and painted the school’s Computer Lab. The fresh coat of white paint brightened up the learning space. Mynderse Academy students also had the opportunity to spend time with Costa Rican kindergarten students and provided them with new school supplies. Mynderse students also left school supplies for the school’s other students, as well.The day spent at this school and the service provided to improve the school was a great and memorable experience for the Mynderse Academy students.

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