Seneca Energy to save SFCSD up to $70k in heating costs

Seneca Meadows, Inc. and the Seneca Falls Central School District announced Thursday night that the District’s annual energy bill will be cut by $60,000 to $70,000 thanks to a unique partnership developed by Seneca Meadows. The partnership, which involves Seneca Meadows and Seneca Energy, is the result of the companies’ renewed sales agreement. Seneca Energy is the independent power producer that purchases landfill gas from Seneca Meadows to generate electricity and renewable natural gas. Representatives from the SFCSD Board of Education, SFCSD students, and Seneca MeadowsWhen Seneca Energy and Seneca Meadows reached an agreement to build a landfill gas to natural gas plant adjacent to the landfill, Seneca Meadows stipulated in the contract that Seneca Energy would provide 125,000 Therms of renewable natural gas directly to the Seneca Falls School District, annually, for as long as the Seneca Energy plant is in operation. Upon investigating the logistics of delivering renewable natural gas to the school district, however, Seneca Energy discovered several obstacles which rendered the project unfeasible. Seneca Energy will, instead, cover the cost of the District’s natural gas bill, up to 125,000 therms per year; which will more than cover the annual natural gas needs of the District.Seneca Falls School Superintendent, Bob McKeveny, said, “Given the current constraints to education funding, reimbursement of natural gas costs by Seneca Meadows and Seneca Energy is significant. The reimbursement of monthly natural gas costs will allow the District to continue exercising fiscal responsibility in meeting its core mission of providing a quality education to all Seneca Falls students. The District recognizes the significance of this contribution to offset annual costs and is appreciative of Seneca Meadows’ and Seneca Energy’s generosity. The District would also like to pursue natural gas options for school buses and sees this agreement as a means to pursue a lower costing fuel option for buses in the future.”Superintendent Bob McKeveny sign the agreement with Dennis Plaster of Seneca EnergyDon Gentilcore, Area Manager for Seneca Meadows said this about the partnership, “We are pleased to have the resources to develop partnerships that benefit our local community. This creative arrangement provides direct financial relief to the Seneca Falls School District and demonstrates how the development of renewable energy projects such as Seneca Energy’s are not only beneficial to the environment, but the local economy as well. We hope to continue to encourage more great relationships in the future.”The Seneca Falls school District currently uses natural gas for heating and hot water in its four schools and its District office.

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