Hooded man chases Seneca Falls student

On Tuesday, at approximately 3:00 pm, the Town of Seneca Falls Police Department responded to the area near Elizabeth Cady Stanton School at 38 Garden Street for a report of a male chasing a student that had just exited the school bus and was walking home.Witnesses state that the subject is believed to be a white male between 5’8 to 6 feet tall, clean shaven, dressed in all black clothing with a black hood covering his face. The incident allegedly lasted a couple seconds, due to the fact that the child ran into a nearby residence. The child was not injured. The Seneca Falls Police Department is currently investigating this incident and is asking that if anyone has any information to contact the Seneca Falls Police Department at 315-568-4850.The SFPD will have additional patrol in that area, as well as other school areas. SFCSD staff will also be increasing supervision during student student entry and dismissal times.Safety Tips:The Seneca Falls Police Department would like to remind parents/guardians to review with the children or young adults in your care on how to protect themselves during incidents like these. For those discussions, we offer the following safety tips:• Look, listen, stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings when walking in public.. Avoid distractions while walking such as books or electronics.• Whenever possible use the buddy system. Urge your children to walk with a friend or friends. There’s safety in numbers.• Watch out for strangers in cars. Watch for cars that follow you. NEVER approach a stranger in a car for ANY reason.• If a stranger talks to you from a car or asks a question, ignore them, and walk or even run away.• Yell and Tell. If a stranger makes you uncomfortable or scares you, YELL and run away. Find someone you trust and TELL them what happened.• Trust your instincts. Only you get to decide when you’re uncomfortable or scared. Don’t be afraid to tell a stranger “No”, ignore them, or just run away!

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