Showers to turn to flurries tonight

Wednesday will be yet another cloudy, damp, showery and overall dismal day for the Finger Lakes.An area of low pressure is located just north of Lake Ontario this morning, with a secondary low developing along the New England coast. As the New England low moves north, it will gradually become the dominate system and absorb the low to our north.However, this process is going to take all day and into the night to take place. In the mean time, the Lake Ontario low will only slowly drift east.The result of this will be another showery day for the Finger Lakes. Showers are already scattered about the region, and if anything, they will only become more widespread later this morning and early afternoon.Temperatures will likely hover about where they are into the early afternoon hours as cool air seeping in from the west and daytime heating offset one another. As the sun starts to sink this afternoon, the cool air will win out and temperatures will start to drop.Some snow will start to mix in during the afternoon over higher elevations. As the shower activity pulls out tonight, it should all turn to snow with little to no accumulations for most areas.For the latest local forecast and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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