Seneca Falls Lights Up on Thursday night

The Seneca Falls Business Association and FingerLakes1.com proudly presents the first annual “Seneca Falls Lights UP” for the holidays. When we all met at the SF Connects meeting in January, one of our goals were to get our local friends and neighbors to remember our downtown merchants and business’s when going out shopping or have needs. So keeping that in mind, we wanted to kick off the holiday season by getting all downtown for a great lighting of the store/business windows.Then it was asked, “Whatever happened to the beautiful garlands that hung between the buildings across Fall Street?” A group took that as a challenge and researched to find that the original garlands are not in good shape ad lights are out. Also, due to the weight, once the wind came up they would pull on the bricks and they were coming loose. Some of our local businesses and friends heard of this offered to donate the garlands. With warm holiday spirit we would like to thank our sponsors, Generations Bank, Lakeside Leasing, Seneca 2000, The Town of Seneca Falls and Wonderful Life 5K Run. They are on order and due to arrive Dec. 10th ’14…will be hung by are fire dept. that afternoon. So to show appreciation to our donors and show the holiday spirit to all, we are going to have the light up on Dec. 11th Thursday at 6:00 p.m.We are asking that all merchants/businesses light/decorate their windows…have the lights off by 5:00 p.m. (that is if they are on all day). If you need help to have your window done, please let us know… we have volunteers from Trinity Church that want to help decorate. If you are a neighbor of building that is empty and can help to “tinsel & sparkle” it up, please do. Also, if you have extra lights or décor for the windows please let us know at the SFBA and we will help get it to the ones that may needs some. We really want all to light up!You will hear a loud fog horn that will blow at 6:00 and then “flip the switch”…this should be a very exciting site to see. The Gazebo, bridge, trees, and all that normally would have lights will be on all together beginning of a tradition to “Seneca Falls Lights Up”. We have gotten information to the media outlets to come and be apart and promote the lights in Seneca Falls as a destination for other communities to pack the family up for a light touring road trip…first stop Seneca Falls!We are sorry for the short notice…however, we were not sure when/if this was going to happen…thank you to our sponsor, especially, Jeff Rook and his IAWR5K Team, he did the garland research and made all the arrangements… this will really “string” our town totally together and something we all will be very proud of and enjoy thought-out the holiday season. It is the simple things that mean so much to all.:THURSDAY NIGHT:5:00 p.m. All lights in the town (where possible) off6:00 p.m. Fog hog horn…”Flip the Light Switch”6:02 p.m. Church Bells to ring (if anyone can help on this let me know…I am trying to connect)6:05 p.m. Caroling by our Chorus

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