Seneca Falls man says Cayugas duped him on gas; Lakeside Trading issues refund next day

UPDATE:  Mr. Sarratori has contacted FingerLakes1.com to confirm that earlier today Lakeside Trading refunded him the $20 cash payment for gas yesterday and said they will look into what could have possibly caused the mistake. ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier today Rich Sarratori of Seneca Falls pulled in to the full service, Cayuga Indian Nation owned, Lakeside Trading gas station on Route 89 in Seneca Falls. He pulled up to the pump just before 11:00 am and asked for $20 dollars in gas which his receipt showed totaled 6.58 gallons at $3.039 per gallon. He paid with cash.Sarratori drove away after the transaction and at about one-mile down the road noticed his fuel tank still showed a near empty tank. He returned to Lakeside Trading and asked the attendant who had pumped his gas and taken his payment if there had been a mistake. The attendant explained that there must be a problem with Sarratori’s fuel gauge because he had certainly pumped 6-and-a-half gallons of gas into his tank.Sarratori agreed that there must be an issue with his fuel gauge because the alternative, that the attendant had gone through the motions while gas was actually not being pumped into his vehicle, seemed impossible.Sarratori and a passenger then proceeded to head east on Route 96 before running out of gas in Victor near Eastview Mall.He called Lakeside Trading to talk to a manager but was not able to have his call escalated to management. The individual on the line took his information and promised him he would receive a call back.Sarratori, who contacted FingerLakes1.com from his vehicle as he waited for AAA to show up and get him back on the road, plans to file a report with the Seneca Falls Police Department immediately upon returning to Seneca Falls.

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