NYS League of Women Voters support ballot proposition

On November 4, New York State voters will decide a state constitutional amendment to reform the process of drawing state and congressional districts. This amendment creates a politically balanced commission made up of members who are not legislators, lobbyists, or political party chairmen, Under Proposition 1, new rules insure impartiality and remove partisan scheming that eliminates competitive elections in NY State. Currently, the NY legislature is responsible for redistricting.The NYS League of Women Voters supports this constitutional amendment and believes this is a rare opportunity to fix a broken redistricting system. The Wayne County League of Women Voters will hold an informational meeting on this proposal.At the Finger Lakes Wayne County Campus in Newark, Wednesday, October 29, from 7-8 pm in room 129.The meeting is open to the public. Plan to attend and learn why Proposition 1 to the NYS Constuitution will create a fair and public process to reform redistricting.

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