Scags at 7 video project coming to WomanMade Products

Author Deborah Emin will be at WomanMade Products next Sunday to discuss her novel Scags at 7 and invite local book lovers to participate in her new Scags at 7 Video Project. The novel, Scags at 7, is the first of a soon-to-be completed series of four books that follow the coming of age of the heroine named Scags, through a series of awakenings. In the Scags at 7 Video Project, Emin has been filming ordinary people she has met on her travels across the country as they read aloud from a portion of her novel.Emin says of her project. “Watching strangers through the lens of my camera as they take on a section of my novel and put it in their voice has led me to realize the power of such a project for almost any writer of fiction.”On Sunday, October 26 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm, at WomanMade Products, 91 Fall Street in Seneca Falls, Emin will give to all who choose to participate in the project a copy of Scags at 7. “It should be a wonderful event for the community interested in fiction writing and who want to talk to a writer struggling to get the word out about her several projects.” said Becky Bly, owner of the store.For those too shy for the camera, additional copies of the novel will be for sale at a reduced cost. Previous filming of the Scags at 7 Video Project can be seen on youtube.com by searching the author’s name – Deborah Emin. For more information about the author visit sullivanstpress.com.

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