FLL 360: These hills were meant to be climbed

The little engine roared as I hit the accelerator on my Prius to pull us up the hill to Bully Hill Vineyards (click here). It was over 100 years ago that Walter S. Taylor’s grandfather started the Taylor Wine Company right here on the side of this hill. Imagine 100 years ago; there were no cars or trucks to pull you up this hill. You either walked or rode a horse. And what about tractors to pull the wagon loads of grapes to the crusher? No, only horse drawn wagons and carts. The Taylor Wine Company moved to Pleasant Valley which is roughly at the level of Keuka Lake, just to the south of the village of Hammondsport. In 1977, the Taylor Wine Company was bought out by Coca-Cola. He and his father left the Taylor Wine Company and repurchased the old vineyards up on the side of the hill where his grandfather originally started the Taylor Wine Company.- Read more at FLL 360

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