Cold air arrives in the FLX

As of 7:00 am this morning, the cold front was splitting the Finger Lakes region in half. To the east, temperatures were in the upper 50s and low 60s. Further west, mid and even low 50s were working into the area.The precipitation associated with this storm is very showery. It will rain for a while, then it will stop only to start back up again after not too long. The good news is that these widespread showers are making good progress to the northeast and should clear out of most of the region by noon. Areas further southwest will clear out sooner, while the showers will linger longest in the north and east.As dry air moves in, we may even see a few breaks of sunshine this afternoon. We should remain in the dry air and precipitation free through the night and through Sunday.As temperatures fall tonight, frost will likely become a problem across the region. Lows are expected to drop into the mid and even low 30s. Unlike a clear, calm cold night where the warm lake waters can influence the temperature of the surrounding land, this cold air is being blown into the region. Areas normally protected by the warmer lake waters cannot assume they will have that protection tonight!For the latest local forecast and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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