Great weather continues in the Finger Lakes

High pressure has stayed put over New England, despite an area of low pressure moving up the eastern seaboard.This high pressure is quite strong and it would take a large, powerful storm to dislodge it. While this coastal low has a lot of moisture to work with, it remains disorganized and weak and is no match for this high pressure.The battle then comes down to just how far north the moisture can nose. The air associated with this high pressure system is very dry, resulting in a very sharp gradient from very dry to very moist air. That cut off should remain comfortably to our south over northern Pennsylvania, keeping us on the dry side of the line.As a result, it doesn’t look like we will have to worry about much in the way of rain showers today. A couple of drops may still briefly fall in the Southern Tier, but probably not even enough to wet the pavement half way. Intermittent clouds are still likely, but I suspect there may be some occasional breaks in the cloud deck.Low pressure will turn east and head out to sea later today while the high pressure will begin its redevelopment to our west over the Great Lakes. There it will sit this weekend, continuing to bathe us in sunshine and slightly above average temperatures.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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