First frost possible for some overnight

A cold front will drop through the region this afternoon. You probably won’t even notice it though, as the front will likely just have a few extra clouds and no precipitation.This front is being forced south by a large, strong area of high pressure over Canada. Tonight, the center of this high will be directly north of us, supplying the region with cold air on a northeast wind aloft (the winds will be calm at the surface, though).A cold, northeast flow favors colder temperatures across the eastern Finger Lakes, where the air never travels over the warmer waters of Lake Ontario. A clear, calm night favors the coldest temperatures settling in the valleys. A myriad of other small geographical features will influence the temperature as well since minimum temperatures can be very sensitive to terrain, vegetation and even buildings.So, it is important to remember that a map like this is meant to serve as a general guide for what temperatures will mostly be like in a given area. Especially on a clear, calm night temperatures will vary greatly, sometimes over short distances. Using this map as a final determination of tomorrow’s low temperature at your exact location is not recommended unless your location is fairly non-descript.No matter if your temperature ends up higher or lower than the map shows, it won’t change the fact that will be cold. And while temperatures will struggle to reach 60º on Friday, we may finally return to 70º or better this weekend, despite some showery weather.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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