Amid turmoil, Cayuga Nation fragments into 3 sub-factions

The Turtle Clan of the Cayuga Nation, as recognized by the Federal Government of the United States of America, secedes from the Unity Council. The Turtle Clan has decided, at this time, that it is in the best interest of the Turtle clan to officially take a position of neutrality between the two factions of the Heron clan that claim leadership authority.The Turtle clan has attempted to work with both factions and it appears that both attempts yielded unsuccessful partnerships. The first recent effort began with Clint Halftown’s administration in 2010, when a number of Cayuga Nation citizens began to relocate back to Seneca Falls. The second recent effort began in June 2011, with Sachem Chiefs William “Chuck” Jacobs and Samuel “Sam” George, which resulted in the formation of the Cayuga Nation Unity Council.The Turtle Clan remained optimistic for the future of the Cayuga Nation. The Turtle Clan believed the Cayuga Nation Unity Council could overcome internal obstacles to resolve differences regarding governing and organizational matters. However, principle differences in both the administration of internal and external affairs had become increasingly problematic.The detachment of the Cayuga Nation Turtle Clan from the Unity Council is further exacerbated when vital decisions are made unilaterally without consensus to many of the issues confronting traditional governance and the Halftown faction. The leadership style of the Unity Council has in fact mirrored what it had intended to replace, and has complicated many issues.Recent actions by both factions, including the takeover of the Great Swamp Enterprise cigarette facility, are not representative of the Turtle Clan’s direction. The Cayuga Nation Unity Council has condoned an action without Turtle Clan representation. Our Nation image has also suffered due to failure of the Unity Council to work with the local communities as promised. We extend sincere apologies.The position of neutrality will remain in effect until a viable form of government can be established to serve the citizens of the Cayuga Nation and can preserve the peace.

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