Dismal Saturday in the Finger Lakes

On the bright side…it isn’t snowing like it did in South Dakota…and temperatures aren’t in the 20s like they are this morning in Minnesota and Wisconsin…but that is about as much ‘good’ weather news as I can think up today.Low pressure is moving almost overhead today and will result in a cold, breezy, wet day. Showers are already spread across the Finger Lakes this morning, and more rain will develop as the front moves east.By the middle of the day, it will probably be quite miserable out, with some widespread light to moderate rain, a bit of a breeze, and temperatures struggling just to get much past 50º.The afternoon will improve a little from west to east as the main energy of the front passes by. Rain should taper off to just a few showers, but it should remain mostly cloudy as cold air flows over the warm waters of Lake Ontario, producing lake effect clouds.The clouds should keep the temperature from falling too far tonight, though widespread 40s are still expected. After some morning clouds and showers from Lake Ontario tomorrow, winds will shift and we should see some sun to end the day. Don’t let the sun fool you though- temperatures will still be stuck in the 50s, with a cold night ahead.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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