Autumn weather settles in for our region

The much advertised invasion of cold air is well under way this Friday morning after a cold front moved through the region last night.Temperatures this morning were not too cold. In fact, we have had numerous mornings in the past few weeks that have been colder. Temperatures were generally within a couple degrees of 50º- certainly nothing special for mid-September.Cold air aloft is still flooding into the region from the northwest, however. Coupled with some low level clouds that will be slow to burn off (if they even do in some locations), and temperatures will rise very little today.As a result, no small number of locations will likely fail to reach 60º today. In some of the higher elevations on the outskirts of the Finger Lakes, and along the Lake Ontario shore, high temperatures will almost certainly be stuck in the 50s.I did a quick search on how early the first maximum temperature below 60º occurred in 2013 for Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton. If any of these locations fails to reach 60º, which is possible but far from certain, it would only beat last year’s first 50-degree day be a few days.The difference this year is that the chill is in no rush to depart and temperatures will remain stuck in the 50s and 60s for most of next week. The good news is there is little danger of an early frost with this cold snap.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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