Best of FingerLakes1.TV: Summer 2014

Like many traditional national television networks, our region’s first Internet broadcasting network, FingerLakes1.TV, slows down the production of live videos, podcast episodes, and live local event coverage.That doesn’t mean FL1 TV closes up shop and heads to the beach! In fact, since Memorial Day, FL1 TV viewers have spent over 750,000 minutes watching/listening for a total of 50,603 views on our YouTube Channel and over 24,000 episode downloads/streams on iTunes and Stitcher.com or via the FingerLakes1.com Android/iPhone app.FingerLakes1.TV has a great fall and winter ahead with the return of the Lake to Lake Girls, another season of Wayne-Finger Lakes High School Basketball, and a few surprises that we’ll keep secret for now.While it is exciting to look ahead, it would be a good time to take a look back at the summer on FingerLakes1.TV with a look at our top 5 most popular videos on YouTube over the past summer…#1 Catching the Light Podcast Episode 02: The Subservient Apron (5,003 views/downloads)#2 The 31st Lap Episode #126: Tragedy at Canandaigua Motorsports Park (2,574 views/downloads)#3 Finger Lakes Golfer #12: Ed Boudreau & the SFCC Club Championship (1,386 views/downloads)#4 Crash Course Podcast #44: Remembering Rick Engelhardt (1,484 views/downloads)#5 The Sauce Pod #150: Tipping Situations (1,311 views/downloads)

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