Today in FLX could be hottest of the year

Most of our summer has been rather cool and, besides one or two days early on, we haven’t had a big heat wave.Now that we are into September, summer has decided it doesn’t want to let go quite yet. So, today will be hot enough to challenge the hottest temperatures so far in 2014 for some locations.Rochester has had a maximum of 89º this year, while Binghamton comes in at 86º. Both of these high-temperature marks could be reset by the end of the day, with Rochester forecast to get into the low 90s and upper 80s for Binghamton. Syracuse may have a harder time eclipsing their yearly high of 94º, set back in June. These are the only readily available statistics from the National Weather Service, but I am sure many other locations will match or break their 2014 high temperatures today.This temperature map should serve as a guide for how hot it may get today, but it is not without exception. The terrain in the Finger Lakes is extremely complex, especially in relation to temperatures. With a hand drawn map like this, it is impossible to capture every hill and valley that will modify the temperature up or down. For the most part though, unless the terrain is rapidly changing or vast different from its surroundings, most locations should fall into the range on the map.Also, there is a small chance for an afternoon thunderstorm to pop up. While most locations should stay dry, if any storms do pop, they will cool the air in that area and high temperatures will likely end up a bit lower.Don’t like the heat? Just get through today- 60s await you tomorrow!For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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