Wet weather on the way out of the FLX

The storms and heavy rain we had both on Sunday and Tuesday were triggered by upper level disturbances moving through the region.No such disturbances are in the picture for the weather today or tomorrow (or any time soon, for that matter).Yet, there is still a chance for some showers both today and tomorrow, in the afternoon hours as well as in the morning. Many areas won’t see any rain, and the rain that does fall should be light, but where is it coming from?The answer is in the jet stream. The jet stream is a belt (or sometimes multiple belts) of strong winds roughly 35,000 feet above the surface that go around the globe. The jet stream steers weather patterns, separates cold and warm air and generally dictates the multi-day weather patterns we experience.There is an area of stronger winds in the jet stream, called a jet streak, coming into our area. Like a speeding car rear-ending a slower car, the fast moving air in the jet streak collide with the slower moving air ahead of the jet streak and can cause some precipitation to form.Starting Friday, the jet stream should push north of our area, getting us out of the belt of active weather we have been stuck in for over a week. High pressure will shift from Texas to the southeast, helping to keep us dry with seasonable, not too hot temperatures.

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