Severe weather threat today in the FLX

I have mentioned in the past the complexity of forecasting thunderstorms and the various ingredients that have to come together perfectly for a big event, like last Tuesday.Today has all of the ingredients except one: morning sunshine to prime the atmosphere for storm development.We have the moisture, a disturbance to trigger the storms and strong winds in the atmosphere to produce severe storms, but without adequate fuel to feed the storms, our severe potential today is limited.It is looking like today is going to end up in between extremes. Had we been sunny this morning, I really would be concerned about an event similar to last Tuesday’s, including the tornado threat. Had it been very rainy this morning, there would be little concern at all today.Without the sun to keep us warm, and without the rain to keep us cool, we will settle right in the middle. A few strong to severe storms will be possible this afternoon, especially in the eastern Finger Lakes and central New York. Strong winds will be the primary threat, followed by small hail. A tornado cannot be totally ruled out, but seems unlikely with the limited overall severe threat.The severe threat will shift well to the southeast tomorrow along the east coast.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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