Landfill grants helping in Waterloo

Recent grants provided by Seneca Meadows landfill have helped push sustained achievement along in Waterloo sports programming. Youth with interests in a vast array of sports programs in Waterloo have been the beneficiaries of these grants in which these programs have helped support youth development in softball, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, football and soccer programs. “On behalf of the Waterloo Volleyball and Softball programs I’d like to personally thank Seneca Meadows! Over the past decade, there have been consistent donations by Seneca Meadows to improve programs including helping us attend the Morabito tournament, summer leagues, club volleyball, training aids such as a sliding mat, team bat bags, pink cancer uniforms etc. The list is endless of the many times you’ve helped out and we sincerely appreciate all the support!” offered Christal Jensen Waterloo teacher and coach. About Seneca Meadows:Seneca Meadows, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the environment: recycling up to 2 million tires per year, partnering in the production of methane generated energy for 18,000 homes, supporting wetlands conservation and environmental programming, and providing free residential recycling and electronics recycling drop off services. For more information on community partnerships with Seneca Meadows Landfill, visit senecameadows.com or call 315-539-5624

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