Firework shell explodes on Interlaken dock

Five people narrowly escaped serious injury when a fireworks shell accidentally exploded before launch on a dock on Cayuga Lake in Interlaken on Friday night.Two men were launching fireworks shells during a 30-minute amateur fireworks display in which each shell was supposed to shoot 200 feet into the air before exploding. But, one shell accidentally failed to launch, detonated at ground level, and shot a wall of flames 75-feet in all directions, narrowly missing the men three spectators sitting nearby. The concussion of the blast shook the wooden dock and caused ripples on the water. The incident occurred at 9:47 pm.Photo by Chris Balish.An investigation is currently underway to determine why the fireworks shell exploded before lift-off. The fireworks display was an annual tradition to celebrate the Fourth of July. A family that lives in Interlaken, New York hosts the fireworks display every year. This is the first time a shell has ever detonated on the dock before liftoff.

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