Flood threat today across Finger Lakes

The slow moving front that brought deadly severe weather to our area last night has moved little overnight and is in no hurry to move today. As a result, we have been in and out of showers all night.Low pressure to the southwest will lift north along this front, enhancing our rain and bringing a new threat for today: flash flooding.Most of the area will not see flooding. An inch or more may fall throughout the day, but the ground can take that much rain.The problems will arise if thunderstorms develop and repeatedly move over the same areas. This is a very real possibility, and rainfall totals could exceed 3″ in these areas. This amount of rain would cause flash flooding almost anywhere in the region, with the potential for serious flooding in some areas.Pinpointing where and when this may happen is not possible this far in advance. It is not even a complete certainty that it will happen. But, taking some time to prepare now will help if it does. Keep these safety tips in mind:NEVER drive through a flooded road wayMonitor small streams closelyBe prepared to act quickly if in a flood prone areaRespect barriers put up by emergency workers.

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