Seneca Falls Little League week #7 scores

Below are the results of Week 7 in Seneca Falls Little League action from 6/1 – 6/7 as reported by managers of Major and Minor Divisions in baseball and softball.Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/1/14Time of Game: 5:00Score: 17 Stevers’ Garage Vs. 6 Ferrara LumberWinning Team Highlights:Hannah Capacci led Stever’s Garage to another win striking out 5 and helping herself with a triple a double and 6 RBI’s. Maya Prosser, Taylor Brignall and Alyssa Marley each had 2 hits.Other Team Highlights:Natalie Cross had a 2 run double. Sarh Kohberger also doubled in a run.************************Division: Boys Minor League BaseballDate of Game: 6/2/14Time of Game: 6;00Score: 6 FL Christian Fellowship Vs. 10 Stevers’ GarageWinning Team Highlights:Liam Reilly,Steven Dunn,Luke Olschewske,and Jake Prayne led the offense with 2 hits each.Other Team Highlights:Chris Lisk,Rowan Markel,and Mike Bogart led FL Christian.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6/3/14Time of Game: 6:00Score: 11 Lucas Vineyards Vs. 15 Generations AgencyWinning Team Highlights:Christian Torres picked up the win on the mound with 6 strike outs. Philip Jang, Cole Dickson, David Graziano, and Ethan Spinner each scored 2 runs each. Spinner and Cody VanEachaute each had 2 hits with Van Eachaute legging out a triple.Other Team Highlights:Mason Major, Matt Kenyon, and Ron Wheeler had 2 hits. Wheeler and Kenyon both had triples with Kenyon also knocking in 4 runs.************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: 6/3/14Time of Game: 6:00pmScore: 13 Maximum Fitness Vs. 12 ToePrintsWinning Team Highlights:Olivia Mestan lead the team with two hits and three runs scored for Maximum fitness. Hailey Emblidge and Gracie Lando also had hits to help secure the win for the team.Olivia Mestan pitched 5 strikeouts for Maximum Fitness.Other Team Highlights:Mya lead the team with 4 hits and 2 runs scored. Sophia and Morgan also had two hits a piece for Toeprints.************************Division: Girls Minor League SoftballDate of Game: June 5, 2014Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 12 Maximum Fitness Vs. 5 Caratozzolo ElectricWinning Team Highlights:Olivia Mestan and Mackenzie Higby each had a pair of hits to lead Maximum Fitness to its win.Olivia Mestan tallied up 4 strike outs for the win.Other Team Highlights:Alyssa Karstens lead Caratozzolo with a double and two singles.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 06/05/2014Time of Game: 6:00 PMScore: 0 Seneca Meadows Vs. 12 Avicolli’s PizzeriaWinning Team Highlights:Hunter Brignall pitched a 1 hitter to lead Avicolli’s to a win against Seneca Meadows. Hunter Brignall, Griffin Herron, Jake Smith, Louis Smith, Jared Hartwell and Colin Ryan all contributed hits.Other Team Highlights:Nate Sealy pitched a tough game and had a hit. Owen Barnett came in in relief.************************Division: Boys Major League BaseballDate of Game: 6-6-14Time of Game: 5:30Score: 12 Generations Agency Vs. 11 Seneca MeadowsWinning Team Highlights:Cody VanEachaute drove in Christain Torres for the game winning run in the bottom of the 6th inning. Isiah Plummer hit a 2 out outside the park grand slam to tie the score at 11 in the bottom of the 5th inning. Philip Jang added an inside the park home run. Ethan Spinner scored 3 runs and Torres added 2 hits.Other Team Highlights:Nate Sealy hit a triple. Jared King had 2 hits and Kevin Zettlemoyer added a hit and an excellent defensive catch in the outfield.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/5/2014Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 19 Bill Cram Chevrolet Vs. 18 Ferrara LumberWinning Team Highlights:Rachel Shoots had a walk off Single. Megan Litzenburger pitched a complete game and scored 4 runs. Other Team Highlights:Anastasia Earl had a single and double, and scored 3 runs.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/6/14Time of Game: 6:00 pmScore: 12 Bill Cram Chevrolet Vs. 10 Seneca MeadowsWinning Team Highlights:Carrie Jessop had a double and 2 singles. Lydia Seils had 3 RBI’s. Other Team Highlights:Shea McConnell knocked 2 doubles and a single.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/7Time of Game: 10:00amScore: 12 Isabella Spa Vs. 15 Stevers’ GarageWinning Team Highlights:Hannah Cappaci got the win on a mound in a very close game. Cappaci had 2 base hits and struck out 6. Taylor Brignall and Vanessa Caratazzolo each doubled.Other Team Highlights:Jayden Hill pitched a very strong game and added a hit and 2 runs.************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/7Time of Game: 12:30Score: 7 Isabella Spa Vs. 20 Stevers’ GarageWinning Team Highlights:Taylor Brignall and Margaux Eller combined to pitch a great game. Maya Prosser and Jada Buck each slapped 2 hits in the second game of the doubleheader.Other Team Highlights:No stats provided************************Division: Girls Major League SoftballDate of Game: 6/7/14Time of Game: 9:30 amScore: 20 Ferrara Lumber Vs. 22 Bill Cram ChevroletWinning Team Highlights:Cariegh Madden sparked the offense with two triples and a single and Megan Litzenburger Added three hits and three RBI’s Other Team Highlights:Lilly Redding had 2 doubles, 2 singles, and 2 RBI’s.************************

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