The first week of summer-like weather in the FLX

The start of June is practically a holiday for meteorologists. June 1st is the start of both meteorological summer and the Atlantic Hurricane season. Forecasting becomes almost solely focused on heat, thunderstorms and heavy rain with little thought to frost (most of the time), let alone snow or wind chills. So, happy first week of Summer to you!Our weather has gone through a variety of patterns in the past couple of weeks, and will have a different set up once again this week. Yet, it seems like we are on repeat, despite the different underlying causes of our weather.Like the last couple weeks, we will start this week out hot and humid with some thunderstorm risks. High temperatures today should push well into the mid and even upper 80s. Some scattered showers and storms will develop and linger overnight, keeping our low temperatures in the 60s.Additional showers and thunderstorms will be possible tomorrow as a cold front goes through. The main threat from storms both days will be locally heavy rain, though some small hail or gusty winds will be possible a well. Widespread or intense severe weather is not expected.Also similar to weeks past will be a cool mid-week. High temperatures Wednesday, Thursday and Friday should fail to reach 70º. But, most of the time these days should stay dry. Thursday is less confident due to an area of low pressure tracking out of the Midwest. In a worst case scenario, Thursday ends up with a steady rain and even cooler temperatures, but this is less likely than just a couple showers or even completely dry weather.Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the recent weather has been the weekends. Dry weather and mild temperatures have been perfect for almost any activity. It hasn’t been so hot that it is uncomfortable, yet it has been far from cool as well. As it looks right now, we may enjoy another weekend of sunshine and 70s

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