Rain & thunder chance tonight in the FLX

Most of the day will be dry and pleasant for most of the Finger Lakes. Some high, thin clouds out ahead of a warm front will hang around through much of the day, gradually becoming thicker and lower as the warm front approaches.Precipitation along this front is as close as the western side of Lake Erie, but the air over us is quite dry, and it will be difficult for the rain to penetrate the dry air.Eventually, however, the rain will win out. In the western Finger Lakes and western New York, this should happen in the mid to late afternoon hours. Further east, much of the remainder of the Finger Lakes should stay dry until the evening.A few thunderstorms may accompany the rain, with chances for rain and thunder continuing overnight and into early Wednesday. I suspect there will be a dry time tomorrow in the morning and early afternoon before more showers and storms develop late in the day.The good news is that severe weather and flash flooding look unlikely at this time.Cooler weather will come in for the end of the week, but temperatures should heat up again over the weekend and into the last part of May.

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