May arrives as we hope to dry out in the FLX

The same large storm system that has been impacting the eastern two-thirds of the nation since Sunday continues to sit and spin over Wisconsin, albeit in a continued weakening state. A batch of rain showers moved through the Finger Lakes in the pre-dawn hours, but there is little on the radar to our southwest, where our weather would be coming from. Instead, there are actually breaks in the clouds.Some of these sunny breaks are already making their way into the Finger Lakes and we should be in and out of the sun through the morning. Temperatures did not drop at all last night, so any sun will only help to warm us up more.Some cooler air is trying to work its way in from the west. Also, a weak disturbance is moving around the parent low over the Midwest. These two factors will help shape our weather this afternoon. Temperatures in the eastern Finger Lakes and Southern Tier should easily get to 60º, which might be just enough to fuel a couple of light thunderstorms. Further west, where it will be a bit cooler, thunderstorms are less likely, but scattered afternoon showers will still be possible.Rain remains in the forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday does not look too wet, but the chances for rain increase on Saturday and then again on Sunday. After that, however, conditions look like they will improve, with dry weather moving in early in the week and warmer weather towards the middle and end of the week.

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