Wet couple of days ahead in the Finger Lakes

The storm system that has been pounding the eastern part of the nation with deadly severe weather will start to make its presence felt in our area today, though thankfully we will have little in the way of serious weather to worry about.The storm center is located over Missouri this morning, but instead of being a compact system, it is a huge, sprawling low spanning from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rocky Mountains.Precipitation is swirling around this system, starting in the Gulf of Mexico, up through the Ohio Valley, into the Great Lakes, then west into Wisconsin and Minnesota before turning south into the central Plains. Gusty winds are out ahead of this precipitation as the low pressure from the storm clashes with higher pressure out away from the system.That sets the stage for a rainy, windy day today in the Finger Lakes. Radar is already showing the rain lifting into western New York this morning. It will continue to expand north and east, overspreading most, if not all of the Finger Lakes by noon. The rain will last 4-8 hours in any given location, with most areas seeing no more than half an inch. Some localized areas could see a little more though.Additional rain is set to impact us on Wednesday. It looks like we will miss out on the core of the heaviest rain from that event as well. Thursday is the big question mark. Some models show just showers Thursday, while others show a direct hit from a third batch of heavy rain. If we can escape Thursday with only minor rainfall, we will not have to worry about flooding at all.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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