Complex weather set-up for this week

The good news is that, up until yesterday, the 2014 tornado season had been at record low levels.However, the southern part of the nation is preparing for Day 2 of a 5 day outbreak of severe weather. Deadly tornadoes struck Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa last night, with additional touchdowns in Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Today’s threat is further east, with the highest tornado threat across Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.The powerful thunderstorms last night continue this morning as they march north and east. These storms were even strong enough to spawn their own low pressure system out ahead of the parent low. This system, indicated by the L in the middle of the image, will lift towards us tonight and tomorrow. Likewise, storms that form today over the Deep South will push rain at us for Wednesday.At this time, it looks like the heaviest rainfall from these two rain events will end up to our west tomorrow and our southeast on Wednesday. This should keep rain totals through Wednesday below 2″, but it is a complex set up and the uncertainty must be stressed. While flooding is not expected now, the situation will have to be monitored.My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost everything, including loved ones, from these storms. Hopefully the next few days will not be as bad as yesterday.

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