Cool today, them big warm-up in FLX

Our weather over the next 36 hours will be controlled by a sprawling area of high pressure which stretches from Texas to Canada. On the map, it is shown as two distinct areas of high pressure, but in reality, it is the same sprawling system.Winds blow clockwise around high pressure. With the high to our west, that means cooler weather today. High temperatures should be in the upper 40s to near 50º with partly cloudy skies after any morning clouds and fog burn off.Meanwhile, on the back side of the high, strong southerly winds will transport a massive warm surge north. The local National Weather Service Offices across the Plains and upper Midwest are forecasting widespread 70’s and 80’s. While we will not get quite that warm tomorrow, we will get a good taste of it.High pressure will shift to our east overnight, placing us in the warm surge. High temperatures tomorrow will be in the mid and upper 60’s, and I would not be surprised if a few locations did touch 70 degrees. This warmth is here to stick around for a while, with 60s possible Friday and Saturday and 70s on Sunday and Monday. Along with the 70’s will also come a chance for thunderstorms, making it really feel like spring.This morning’s weather report from Peter Hall of CNY Central:

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