FLX Weather: A strengthening spring storm

Today’s weather map is rather complex, so let me walk you through everything that is going on. First, three is a strong area of high pressure north of Lake Superior this morning, supplying us with some clear skies and cooler temperatures due to the clockwise winds around the high. Temperatures today will not be as warm, with highs mostly in the mid and upper 40s.A broad, fairly weak area of low pressure is showing up as the three red Ls over the southern Plains. Southerly winds ahead of this low is bringing warm, moisture rich air from the Gulf of Mexico northward. Where this air meets the cooler air from the low, a strong frontal boundary is set up. Since this boundary is moving from warm to cold, it is drawn as a warm front- the red line stretching from Kansas to West Virginia.Precipitation will tend to stay near that front. Rain and thunderstorms are widespread this morning from northern Missouri to Indiana. These will have a big impact on our weather today, with clouds quickly replacing the clear, sunny skies by mid or late morning. As far as the rain itself, it still looks as if most of the area will miss out as the precipitation turns southeast to follow the front. Parts of the Southern Tier, especially in western New York, do stand a chance for a little rain though.I also wanted to point out the Green to Brown to Yellow to Red shading centered on southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. These are the tornado probabilities put out by the Storm Prediction Center, indicating a ‘moderate’ risk of tornadoes in the red shaded area. This is by far the biggest severe weather forecast of the year. If you have relatives or friends in the area, they are probably aware, but it might not hurt to give them a call just in case.This system will move northeast and our chances for rain will go up tonight and into Friday and Friday night. The low itself will track through the Great Lakes, which is always a favorable track for wind in our area. Wind gusts over 30mph will be possible from Friday afternoon into Saturday. A few flakes of snow are possible Saturday morning on the back side of the system, but it should not be anything that sticks.For the latest local forecast, conditions, and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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