Winter weather hangs around this week in the FLX

Northerly winds have been with us since Saturday night, producing lake effect snow showers throughout the region. This morning, the lake effect is fairly limited, but a strong band will cause locally poor travel conditions and a couple quick inches of snow near Ithaca this morning.Our north winds are currently being supported by high pressure centered just south of Chicago. Winds turn clockwise around a high pressure and tend to blow away from the center of the high.The purple arrows on the diagram show the direction of the wind at various points along the northern edge of the high. Over us, winds are north-northwest since we are ahead of the high. Winds over Michigan are west-southwest, with the high pressure centered to the south. Over Iowa and Minnesota, winds are more southerly than westerly on the back side of the high.This high pressure is already starting to build into the Mid-Atlantic states. By this evening, it should be centered near or east of Delaware. This will place us in the west-southwest winds over Michigan. With winds of that direction, the lake effect will not be able to persist over the Finger Lakes, leaving us with a partly cloudy afternoon.Tomorrow, the winds will turn more to the south, resulting in temperatures rising into the mid and upper 30s after upper 20s today. An extremely strong storm system will then develop over the western Atlantic Ocean, possibly clipping the coast of New England with blizzard conditions. The only impact this storm will have on us is to pull more cold air down from the north on Wednesday, sending temperatures back into the 20s.After that, it looks like Spring will make a bashful appearance in the Finger Lakes with temperatures becoming more seasonable.

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