Spring begins, but winter not finished

Today is the first official day of spring but old man winter isn’t through with the Finger Lakes just yet. Low pressure to our north is currently pushing colder air into the Finger Lakes. Some rain showers moved through overnight along a cold front, shown as the solid blue line on this map.Meanwhile, over western New York and southern Ontario, the precipitation has changed over to snow. While temperatures at the surface are not too different across the region, temperatures above the surface are dropping below freezing, which is why there is snow, and not rain in the forecast.Snow showers should linger through the day and into tonight. No real accumulations are expected, with some areas maybe getting a coating that will just melt tomorrow anyways.The temperatures on the map will likely end up being about the warmest it will be today. There will not be a dramatic drop off in temperature, but by this evening, it will be 5-10º colder than it was at 6am.As I alluded to, Friday is looking partly cloudy with highs reaching near 40º again, with some rain showers and more 40’s on Saturday.For the latest from FL1 Meteorologist Drew Montreuil, local forecast, radar, and current conditions, visit our Local Weather Center.

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