March Blizzard To Continue Into Evening

There is a lull in the major winter storm that has been blasting the Finger Lakes as a ‘dry slot’ works into the region. However, even as the snow decreases or even stops, the storm is not over yet… in fact, blizzard conditions will be redeveloping as we head deeper into the evening.The colored numbers on the map, each preceded by a ‘g’, indicate the current wind gusts. Over the eastern Finger Lakes, most gusts are in the 15-25 mph range. However, further west, gusts over 30 mph are becoming commonplace. Winds will continue to increase over all of the Finger Lake through the evening, with gusts to 40 mph for most places, and gusts to 60 mph along the shore of Lake Ontario.

Another batch of snow will move in this evening as well once the dry slot moves east. Combined with the wind, this may actually seem like the worst part of the storm. Additional accumulations of 3-6″ are likely on top of what has already fallen as snow showers linger into Thursday.

Needless to say, travel is extremely difficult, if not impossible. There are reports of power outages as well, which will only increase as the winds pick up. This has been a very serious storm, but it is behaving almost exactly as was expected. Thankfully, the majority of it is now to the east, but we still have a rough evening and night ahead, followed by less than ideal conditions on Thursday.For the latest forecast and updates on the mid-March storm, check our Local Weather Center.

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