25 things you didn’t know about FingerLakes1.com

Chances are you’ve visited the Finger Lakes’ unofficial homepage at FingerLakes1.com several times this week. You’ve made it a point to get your local news, weather, and sports from the most popular website in the region. You already know you can count on FingerLakes1.com to keep you informed and entertained 365 days a year, including Christmas. But, how well do you know your favorite local website? Below are 25 facts about FingerLakes1.com that you probably didn’t know.1. The website, FingerLakes1.com, was launched on December 1, 19992. Since January 1, 2010, FingerLakes1.com has been visited 22,432,442 times by 6,840,842 unique visitors who viewed a over of 85 million pages.3. FingerLakes1.com also operates the regions first and only Internet Broadcasting Network at FingerLakes1.TV.4. FingerLakes1.com has their own staff meteorologist, Drew Montreuil. With weather information being so important to Finger Lakes residents, Drew’s forecasts, maps and reports are custom tailored to our region.5. FingerLakes1.com publishes an average of 85 local news articles and links every single day, 365 days per year.6. Every Christmas Eve after 6:00 pm, FingerLakes1.com features the text from, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas7. In the past, FingerLakes1.com has served as the official website of the Finger Lakes Radio Group stations and also as the homepage for Flare.net users, a former dial-up ISP located in Waterloo in the late 1990’s and early 2,000’s.8. In 2013, FingerLakes1.TV broadcast over 500 hours of live, local video and content.9. On September 11, 2001, as most major Internet news outlets crashed under heavy traffic, FingerLakes1.com stripped the normal homepage away and replaced it with a single scroll of news and information that was updated every few minutes throughout the day and into the night.10. 53% of FingerLakes1.com visitors are female.11. 63% of FingerLakes1.TV viewers are male.12. The website and media of FingerLakes1.com is hosted locally, in the datacenter of FingerLakes1.com, Inc. in downtown Seneca Falls, NY along with 100’s of local business websites and e-mail accounts as well as clients throughout the United States.13. On the average weekday, FingerLakes1.com receives over 18,000 visits14. The most viewed live event of 2013 on FingerLakes1.TV was the National Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the campus of the New York State Chiropractic College which was viewed live by 1,465 people worldwide for a total of 29,915 minutes.15. FingerLakes1.com was almost called FingerLakesOnline.com.16. All of the 100’s of incredible local photos that are published on FingerLakes1.com each month are submitted by our users and talented local photographers who are happy and willing to share their views of our beautiful region with others.17. @FingerLakes1 has 2,438 followers on Twitter18. The company that publishes FingerLakes1.com, also develops and maintains websites and has launched over 450 websites since 1999. To inquire about a website for your business or organization, call FingerLakes1.com, Inc. at 315.712.0104 or visit http://services.fingerlakes1.com19. The average visitor to FingerLakes1.com spends 7 minutes and 14 seconds on the website.20. 48% of the visitors to FingerLakes1.com use Internet Explorer as their web browser. Next is Safari at 18%, then Chrome at 14% and Firefox at 13%.21. In the winter of 2013-14, FingerLakes1.com and FingerLakes1.TV live webcast 19 Wayne-Finger Lakes high school basketball games with a full production of 3 cameras, 2-3 man broadcast teams, instant replay, and statistical overlays under the sports broadcasting arm, FL1 Sports. 22. In an average month, FingerLakes1.com receives an average of 64,487 visitors from search engines.23. For the past 9 years on Super Bowl Sunday, FingerLakes1.com has live webcast a bowl of chili being made and then simmering on the stove top for several hours leading up to kick-off.24. Between FingerLakes1.com’s annual NFL Pick-Em and March Madness NCAA Basketball contests, over 150 large cheese pizza’s from Ciccino’s Restaurant in Waterloo and Geneva have been won in the last decade.25. FingerLakes1.com has an app for iPhone and Android devices. To download for free, search for ‘FingerLakes1.com’ in the Google Play or Apple store.

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