New author Karen Faris appearing at the Tech Farm

New author Karen Faris will be joining us at the Tech Farm this March 3rd.She will be speaking on her book: Grumbles the Novel and also telling us the trials, tribulations and elation of writing and publishing books.As a former chair of the Irondequoit Conservation Board, Karen Faris is very familiar with the environmental issues of New York State and beyond. She has used that experience to inform her comedic dystopian trilogy Grumbles the Novel.As an advocate for responsible government and a decent education for all children, Karen Faris has been complaining for as long as anyone can remember. Rather than go live on a planet for one as some have suggested, she decided to write fiction.She resides in Rochester New York where she enjoys swimming, riding her bike along the Erie Canal Path and running almost as fast as she can walk. She has a tendency to get silly because life’s too serious and too short too much of the time.Grumbles the Novel is her antidote to that.Grumbles the Novel : Book One Take A Pill was released in November 2013. Book Two Take Another Pill will be available in May of 2014.Farris will have books available to purchase for $10.The Associates program will be March 3rd at 12-1-ish. Lunch will be provided. Please contact Susan Noble at either: 781-0070 or [email protected]

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