Major winter storm to brush Finger Lakes

A major winter weather event covered the Southeast yesterday with widespread snow and ice, and even some severe thunderstorms across Florida. This system is now lifting north through the Mid Atlantic and will just brush our area today and tonight.Now that the storm is actually formed, the models are starting to get a better handle on its path. The general consensus has been a slight shift westward in the back edge of the precipitation. While a day or two ago, it looked like we would be spared any snow, it now looks like we are at risk for some light snow.Much of the Finger Lakes will see snow start to develop during the afternoon on Thursday and linger into the overnight. Generally speaking, this snow will be light with only a couple inches, if that for the Finger Lakes. Towards the far eastern Finger Lakes, some heavier snow may work its way into the region with slightly higher amounts.Snow totals quickly go up as you go east or southeast of the Finger Lakes. With such a tight cut off between heavy snow and light/no snow, the slightest error in the forecast track of this storm can have major impacts. A 50 mile shift west, for example, could move Ithaca from 1-3″ to the edge of 6-10″. A 50 mile shift east moves almost all of the Finger Lakes into an area where accumulations are unlikely.Isn’t it amazing that a storm that is already large enough to stretch from Cuba to Washington DC can come down to such a small margin of error?Stay tuned for more updates Thursday morning and evening as the storm approaches and any shifts in the snow map become apparent.

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