When will the arctic cold break in the FLX?

Arctic high pressure continues to sit over the region, giving us clear and sunny skies- and more cold temperatures. Sub-zero lows were recorded yet again for many locations early Wednesday morning with temperatures expected to rise all the way to the low teens.At least the wind will not be much of a factor today, so we can look outside and imagine it is warmer!But when will we get into some real warmer weather…beyond merely feeling accomplished that it will get above 10º? After another cold night with lows near or below 0º, tomorrow will begin a pattern shift. High temperatures tomorrow should get into the low or even mid 20s, with upper 20s to near 30º on Friday. Temperatures in the 30s are also likely on Saturday and Sunday.Ahh, but it also will come at a price.While much of Thursday will remain sunny, clouds will increase late in the afternoon and stick around until Monday. Flurries will move in on Friday (with little to no accumulation), but a larger and more powerful system will impact our weekend.There are still some uncertainties with the track of this storm. Just yesterday, the American models had the low crossing Pennsylvania, while the European had it over Detroit. The models are in better agreement this morning of a track somewhere in the middle, but closer to the American’s track. With the low passing very near, if not directly over us, a slight shift in the track could have big impacts on the forecast. For example, a shift in the European’s direction- west- would mean warmer air and some rain. A track further south and east would mean more snow.So while we can celebrate 30º temperatures this weekend, there is still plenty to watch and plan for.Keep checking back for more details over the coming days at our Local Weather Center.

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