Winter Weather today in the Finger Lakes

This is just an update of the NWS issued alerts. The NWS in Buffalo cancelled the Winter Storm Warning and put up a variety of alerts instead. It is rather messy…* All counties in light blue are under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for today.* All counties WEST of the purple line are under a WIND CHILL ADVISORY for tonight and early tomorrow.* WAYNE & NORTHERN CAYUGA counties are under LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNINGS for tonight and tomorrow morning.* MONROE & OSWEGO counties are under LAKE EFFECT SNOW ADVISORIES for tonight and tomorrow morning* ONTARIO & LIVINGSTON counties are ONLY under a wind chill advisory.Original Discussion, 8am: The weather is a bit tricky this morning. Winter Storm Warnings are posted for the western part of the Finger Lakes, while the remainder of the region is under a Winter Weather Advisory. The main concern with these alerts is not the amount of snow that will fall, but rather the wind that will accompany it.I have a great respect for the National Weather Service, who issues these warnings and advisories. They do a tremendous job keeping people alert and safe. The alerts they issue should always be taken seriously. With that being said, it is my job to report the weather as I see it. I will let you be the judge on whether you think the Warnings and Advisories are warranted. It is not my place to make that call and I will have no further comments on those alerts.So what are the major weather players today? We have an area of low pressure just to the northeast of Michigan this morning on the front side of a dip in the jet stream. This dip is aligned from southwest to northeast- an important key to the forecast. Because of this alignment, it appears that much of the energy surrounding this low is being driven into Ohio and western Pennsylvania.The alignment of this dip in the jet stream will pivot during the day, ending up southeast to northwest as the dip moves overhead. This will produce prime conditions for the development of a new low off of the coast of Maine, which will steal the show from the original low.What does all this mean? I think, by and large, the worst of the weather will probably bypass the area. Snow will be around throughout the day, and winds will be gusty at times. I think the further west you go, the higher the wind gusts and the more snow will accumulate. For much of the Finger Lakes, however, I think this means no more than a few inches of snow (if that) and winds occasionally gusting to 30, maybe 40mph. Caution will be needed on the roads at times, but I don’t think it will be a terrible travel day.There is one more piece to all of this, however. Some models are indicating a squall line may develop this afternoon along a cold front. If this were to occur, a burst of heavy snow could put down a quick inch of snow and make travel briefly treacherous.

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